Eat Cake Love

I've taken my cupcake baking to a whole new level.I've joined forces with my Queen C, where we plan to sell them to cupcake fans!Currently working on the paperwork, and names and everything else.Ok so personally not me.We all know i'm useless at this.I just bake them.And eat them.But i'll leave you with some snaps of the finished results..(Obviously we ate these, and we WILL be baking them fresh for order!)Welcome to EATCAKELOVE!

Song of the moment: I haven't managed to keep up this for a while, due to my posts via email! BUT today I'm making the special effort of this song..

Considering the weather is beautiful (at the minute anyway!) and my car is still in one piece, I find myself listening to this song LOADS! It's a good summer tune. And Nero never fail to please! Enjoy!

Love forever,

Kfedland x

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