Making decisions has become the hardest thing in my life. I'm truly terrible. And I think it got to the final straw today at McDonalds. In the drive thru.I'll set the scene: There I was driving r e e a a l l y y slowly to the intercom (due to deciding already)The cars began to que up behind me.Chrissy got out her money. We passed the menu. I stopped at the menu (pretending to read.. Although I knew it was a choice of two!)I couldn't stop anymore, I had to move to the intercom.. And in truth, my heart just started racing. I was panicking. "Ooh but do I have the cheese burger, or the chicken nuggets".I know its not really a 'end of the world' type decision.. But HONESTLY I struggled.IN THE END, I chose the burger.Merely because I knew that the chicken nuggets would be another discussion in itself.. This would involve.THREE different sauces. And each nugget would have the same question asked..."Ooh but which sauce for you?"

I just couldn't handle it. Maaaan.Decisions are tricky.Matts even had to start dressing me. And telling me what to do.Because I'm WAY to indecisive.I really fancy some chicken nuggets right now...I shouldn't!Or should I?Love forever,Kfedland xSent using BlackBerry® from Orange


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