Beyonce Beauty

I've never really been a Beyonce fan. BUT I love her new song.And she looks AMAZING. I think I fancy her this week.I find myself belting the lyrics out extremely loud.I'm sure the neighbours can hear.I'm hoping they're thinking:"Wow is Beyonce downstairs?!"But I bet they're actually thinking:"I'm sure we can't have pets in the flat?" Her song has got me doing my outbursts again.This morning it started all over.Standing at the mirror.Chatting to Matt. And booooom...Dance.Sing.Booty shake (well attempt!)Matt didn't know what the hell was happening.I don't think I did either!I think I should be famous. Just because I'm so strange.I'm certainly not as good as Beyonce. Or anyone crap for that matter.Guess for now, I'm stuck in reality.. About to cook a curry for 8 people tonight.Now, where are my servants?! Love forever,Kfedland xSent using BlackBerry® from Orange

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