A Taste Of St Albans

With a weekend like this.. St Albans won't be a disappointment!

Apologies for the lack of blogging this weekend.. things have been somewhat.. MENTAL!

Indeed crazy.

Fun too.

And finally a plan in action!


Matt and myself have spent ALL of today, watching Californication, literally watched all of season 4. We have two more episodes to watch.. but it's currently on hold, while he brings home the bacon.

Therefore, I am extremely tempted, to click that ONE button, and let my eyes glare at the screen.. as yet another series comes to an end.

But I don't think I can face crying again.

Because I have nothing left to watch after.

Today's food diary is just a starter into how crazy the weekend has been..

Breakfast consisting of - leftover 4 tiered cake, may I add, FOUR chocolate helpings.. MMMM.

Lunch - A nice healthy McDonalds.. always with one sweet and sour, one curry and one BBQ sauce happily chilling on the side.

And for my tea, I can already see the bag of candyking looking at me lovingly!

Sometimes in life, we can have days like these.

But also, for myself.. this is becoming WAY to much of a common thing!

I will eat better when I am moved in.

I will TRY and eat better when I am moved in.

Oh bugger.. I'll give it a week tops!

On Saturday, we enjoyed celebrating Matt's brother's, Adam, 21st Birthday!

I don't really know how to kinda tell Adam this, but I think he thinks of himself as some sort of celebrity.. rocking up late for a family meal, and then leaving before it had finished. I won't even go ON to mention about the fact he put his SNAKE right NEXT to me.. (a REAL snake, may I add.. this is NOT another word for something!)

Seriously.. I'm lucky I didn't basically crap myself!

I don't lie!

But in all honesty, it was a lovely evening.. even if Matt's family are a little loopy.. All the more fun I guess..

Best quote of the night from Mrs Hounslow..

"15 eggs"

"15 eggs. you used 15 eggs."

"15 eggs!"

"15 eggs!!!"

"15 eggs. Seriously.. FIFTEEEN EGGS?!"

"15 eggs. 15 eggs. 15 eggs. FIFTEEEEEEEEN eggs??!!!!!!!"

A real classic!

AND we even managed to stay up till 1am..Who would have thought it on a day like that!

Friday night was also a lovely night indeed, meeting up with Mr Olly Hart and also his ever so beautiful girlfriend! Like real adults, we met up in the middle of our two towns, and wined and dined! It was wonderful indeed.

And 20 questions on the way home, never fails to amuse me. I did however, leave the bumble bee out of the game, and opted for the owl..

"It does have legs.. but no knees"

And of course, this sent Matt on a crazy one.. "there are NO animals with legs but no knees! You're so stupid at this game, you need to get your facts right".


I don't think we'll be playing that for a while!

To sum up the rest of the weekend,

I got offered ANOTHER job, the one I wanted.. so I am as pleased as a cat who got the cream!

Funnily enough, as stated by Matt's friend.. I got offered it, whilst on the toilet again.. How bizarre is this becoming.

Maybe I should just relocate somewhere to a big bathroom?

Love it.

We also finalised the flat plans and paperwork.. And here's hoping the place is ours as of Saturday!


Have really grown up today, setting up new joint accounts.. now THAT was a real step! No wonder I've hidden under the duvet all afternoon!

Yesterday, brought us some tractors along the road of Hatfield.. and in the words of Greg.."this doesn't happen on Hatfield Road".

Guess St Albans has a lot more to it, than meets the eye!!

Tomorrow, brings me heading home.. to do the one thing I love to hate..



Promised myself I would NEVER do this again in all my life..

And a month later.. I'm back to what I know best!

I guess throwing it all in to my car, can count this time, because I'm not moving to another country!

Song of the moment: Chosen song for today's blog.. Is a truly awesome song, that actually is played at the ending of Californication episode 4, season 4! When it sees Hank finding Karen with another guy. Gutting. I automaticcaly loved it as it played, and got straight onto google (as you do). You should listen, the words are incredible. I'm actually about to get the album on itunes right about now..! Check it

Love forever,

Kfedland x


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