Planking Parties

My  weekend was mentaloriental.

In 3 words..?

Messy. Peculiar. Late.

It all began, when the 3 lovely ladies from Tignes came over:

Tia Maria – I won’t even say anymore.

Kwirsty – we like to call her the Mother Hen.. but, I think she’s the trouble maker out of everyone!

And Bad Ass – Says it all in the name really!

I was extremely excited, so of course I did my baking on the Friday, to impress!

Everything just seemed like a whirlwind as soon as they arrived..

“right i need to get my hair done somewhere before i go out”

“definitely need to find some false eyelashes

“will you fake tan me?”

“ooh, i must get some more nails.. which kind do you use?”

“do you have any makeup wipes i can use?”

To me.. this sounded like another language, and I felt like a complete lemon standing in the shop pretending I was doing exactly the same..but my mind was saying.

“maybe give your hair a brush just once?”


“ohhhh i have to wear heels tonight?”

Obviously, I am not your TYPICAL kinda girl.

I don’t brush my hair much.

I don’t really worry to much what i wear.

I don’t fake tan or do my nails.

And I certainly avoid makeup.

So, seeing these ladies glamming themselves up.. seemed a million miles away from what I remember of them in Tignes.

Ugg boots, hoodies, no fake tan.. no nails and only a s l i g h t bit of makeup.

I was definitely in England with these ladies!

Anyway, Tove and her friends came over.. and it got pretty messy, pretty quickly.

Quite literally too..

The bin ended up in the living room.

E v e r y s i n g l e g l a s s w a s i n u s e (I have 20 glasses.. and 8 girls over!)

And the bedroom was just unwalkable.

BUT as you do, alcohol takes over you.

And you think your capable of anything...

Yes Tia... Planking anywhere and everywhere, appeared to be the trend on Saturday night.

Ooh a bin. Ooh a telephone box. Ooh try me?

Yes the last one didn’t end to well.

5 girls piled high.. myself next.









It was finally time to head out, we needed fresh air.. and to continue our antics outside where we could trail our mess elsewhere.

Walking along the street.. with our new found friends..

The straw microphones!

Que laughter.

Even though you won't like to admit it. We've all done it. Tried it.

If you haven’t done’re totally missing out!


Also calling Katie Lou along the way.

Its quite funny actually.

We were those annoying people, who call you up at silly o clock, and talk for ages on the phone.

Actually more like shouting.

About goodness knows what.

And not giving them anytime to respond.

And the person on the other end thinking:

“when are these buggers, gonna shut up so I can go back to sleep?”

Well that was us.

Whilst all this was going on, we still hadn't managed to move our little feet into a bar.

But I can tell you this now...

My feet were ALREADY in agony.

Ended up in one bar (not even sure of the name), where we danced.. with randomer’s. AS YOU DO. Because obviously this is the coolest and funniest thing to do on a night out. Unbeknown to yourself, you actually look a fool!

Of course we didn't care..

Matt finally finished work and came and met us little drunken states, where we got a taxi to Batchwood (the only club we could get into because one of the slut's (no names.. TIA!) wasn't over 21! boo!)

I’d never been.

BUT Matt likes to describe it as:

you do realise,you’ll get stabbed there



I definitely didn’t get stabbed... because I'm still here.

Maybe because it was pretty empty aswell!

Add in the fact I sent many abusive texts to Tove, because she bailed early.. calling her many times a:



When in truth, it would probably have been me, any other day (maybe I was more jealous, that she got to go home, and I had to be a real 22 year old.. and party!)

So we partied on in there, with some more dancing.. killing our feet a little bit more, till we all

S l o w l y s t a r t e d w i l t i n g

Minus Kwirsty, who would have gone on for hours. Standard.

Decided on a taxi to the nearest kebab shop...

Found myself ordering:

Chips and cheese please. (normal)

And a corn on the cob (weird?!)

We took our food home, as the sun came up.


Which meant I managed till 4am!



Passed out in bed.

And woke up thinking:

why IS the bin in the living room?”

Needless to say, Sunday was no fun for me! While fighting off a hangover that appeared to get worse as the day went on, I also had to rearrange my kitchen, clean up everything FROM the kitchen AND put all my clothes back in the wardrobe.

ALL of them!

To make it worse.. it was the most beautiful day outside EVER.

And all I did was hide under my cat blanket, eat toast, and watch Gavin and Stacey.

And this my friends... is why I hardly go out drinking!

Song of the moment: I have chosen this song, because I recall, an urge to dance in my living room Saturday night before we headed out. Maybe it was to get used to my heels, try and remember how to dance to music in a club, because I was sloshed or just because I'm an absolute freak at times!

Enjoy! This is played in my garden, when I want to pretend I'm at a festival. Weird I know.

Love forever,

Kfedland x

Food Baby