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Today I managed to secure two job offers AND a flat!

But the funniest part... Whilst deciding that waiting around for these calls were never going to come.. I quickly used this opportunity to head to the bathroom.

I did however take my phone with me.



And lo and behold (or as my Little Grandad loves to say "would you Adam and Eve it!" CLASSIC!), the phone rings.

First the estate agents, the flat is OFFICIALLY OURS! And no-one else can try and get it.


Exciting times.

Then after doing a quick dance (still located on the toilet), the phone frigging rings again.

"Hi we'd like to offer you the job"

"Oh ok, can I discuss this with my partner and get back to you?"

More like.. let me just wipe my ass and then I will take your offer up!


Only myself could do this!

So Matthew is off to sign the papers today.. He's as excited as a little boy at Christmas!

I, myself am to very excited. And tonight will consist of packing (I told myself never again!!).

And dear old Mama Mcfred the LEGEND that is, she called me downstairs, and had two HUGE boxes full of basic foods and cleaning products.

Yes even the marigolds.

Considering my first words in the flat were..

"I cannot WAIT to get cleaning in here".

You can tell I worked for Esprit!

So things are really on the go.. And hopefully by next weekend, I will be Viva La St Albans!

Love forever,

Kfedland x

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