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I am back! And with a lot to blogalog.Surprisingly things have been pretty chaotic, so I grabbed my necessities and have plonked myself on this oh so wonderful sofa.. ready for my fingers to be aching by the end of this..!

And so, here I am, sitting in the flat.. with it looking like i've been here forever, yet still feeling like i'm just cooping up in a hotel! But as I always say, you always know when it's home.. when you've made your mark on the toilet (not literally, but then again, I guess, LITERALLY!).Today, was a very special day. After nearly a year and a half... I decided it was time to get my hair cut.OW! I was a little saddened, because it's a little shorter.But it most certainly needed doing.Although I did get told off for "cutting my hair myself!"Oops!I have just finished baking cakes AGAIN for the THIRD time in TWO weeks...I have problems.And no life.But I LOVE it!Literally, all I talk about is my new cakes i've made..  Or i'm thinking about what kind I can make next time.And basically I'm just so pleased with myself because,

I didn't burn them.

I didn't burn the flat.

They don't taste like shit.

They look amazing.

As you can see, they are DEFINITELY getting better and better I'll have opened a shop by the time my lovely best friend is home from her travels ( and obviously missing her little face evereverEVER so much!)

 I made this butterfly cake for little N as it's her birthday today.. and she absolutely LOVED it!And also got a little more adventurous.. even buying FLAVOURING and COLOUR!Ooh, what a life I live.

Definitely my BEST batch ever (which I have just finished decorating this fine evening!) And who better to taste them, than the lovely Frodo girls!EEEEK, and so they're coming to me tomorrow and we're off out into the town for a real crazy night.YES you heard right.CrAzY.And drunk.Epically drunk!To be fair, last night I was a little sloshed.. The wonderful Tove begged me to go out and meet her friends, who were also so lovely!Anyway, we started in Weatherspoons and I was asked:"You wanna join us for a tequilla slammer?"And me being me, replied:"Oh god no, I will die"BUT then,after about a maximum of 40 seconds.. I thought.WHY NOT!I don't know what came over me!I even asked "which order do you do it?"Thats how RETARDED I am!And lo and behold.. I was a little waaaasted!Unfortunately Matt didn't get to sleep a wink, partly because of my 'snoring'.. but obviously women dont snore! I reckon it's all lies...?!Enough of jibber jabber! And everything else.To be honest, so much seems to have gone on in the past 3 weeks that I've been here (three weeks man, its totally crazy?!) yet I don't feel like I remember what has happened....?!However, I had a super Father's Day on Sunday.. I had the pleasure of the whole family coming up to visit the flat, with endless mugs of coffee, plenty of cupcakes, and lots of excitement! We then headed to  visit exteneded relatives.. one's who I rarely see, but actually after today, I think it should be done more often!After a little hesitation at the beginning and saying something like this.."Oh Hey, lovely to see you too"whilst actually thinking.."Shit, I don't even know this person's name"turned out to be a right family history lesson! I knew everything of everyone and blahblahblah.Conversation's ranging from what we've been up to.."I love THE Facebook, because I can see what you're up to"to, when we last saw each other.."Must have been at so and so, ooh about 9 years ago now"and this beauty quote.."Ooh, I remember when you were this big, 2 years old, and you were at a party, drinking everyone's wine"FUNNILY enough.. this status is about ME!Honestly.Bizzarre I know.But still very true!And considering I don't drink on many occasions, I took this opportunity to have a few nice glasses of wine, knowing I wasn't drinking. I was in for a shock.Firstly there wasn't any red.. so Auntie Susan and I, weren't overly amused. And being the Mama McFred that she is, went and asked.Got it.Tasted it.Looked as bad as it tasted. But, we drank it anyway. And had a lovely afternoon. I even felt like welling up at the end, when saying goodbye! Maybe because they were all so lovely to me, offering me help if my car breaks down. I was even told, if my car broke down, whilst they're fixing it, I can have a hire car.Hmm maybe i'll go make it break down.Just so I can get a hire car.Epic.So! I think this is all I can think of right now, and I'm actually enjoying a very real guilty pleasure of America's Got Talent lately.Sad I know.But oh so good!Now I will leave you, with probably the most boring blog I have written lately, but hopefully more frequent!And who knows, maybe the next blog's will be all about my cupcakes AGAIN!I guess girls can only dream.. when I say it would be fantastic to have a little tea shop.. with little teacakes and what not!Enough. Enough.It's time for me to go hoover.Song of the Moment: As I won't be attending any festivals this year, I was easily persuaded to buy a new CD today.. Clubbers Guide to Festivals! It's actually really good.. Well I say that, although I've only listened to the first THREE songs, which played in the car on the way home! So I chose this song, as it's the first one.. and also a good one to prance around the house too in the underwear. Note to self: make sure curtains are closed!

Love forever,Kfedland x


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