Rice Pudding

Today, the lovely Muller rice pudding (original) has become, somewhat, my new best friend. Sprinkled with some Nutmeg, and it truly is a great friend!I think it's possibly the first time in about 7 months, that i've been alone.. and in fairness.. IT SUCKS!Last night I managed to head out for a few drinks, but epically failed at 12.30am! Unfortunately, I don't even have a wild story to explain my early arrival home, which is pretty pathetic.. although the taxi driver told us "you're wise girls". See, I knew it wasn't all that bad! But altogether, we had a fun night with my lovely ladies, over some vodka, and not forgetting chips, cheese and gravy :-) YUM!Besides feeling sorry for myself today for being a loner, I have sat on my laptop.. and haven't even bothered to look for jobs today. Not my choice mind, Matt and the folks both said on the phone "you just do absolutely nothing today, have a break from it".. and that is what I did!My day consisted of getting up, tidying the house for a viewing (where a little half naked 2 year old ran around the house.. picking up EVERYTHING from my room.. REALLY?!!), and then downloading a new photoshop editor.. where I have then been glued to for the last 3 hours! Man, i'm full of fun!I was going to blog the other night, as I finally got round to watching Chalet Girl. My first thoughts were something like this.. "Brilliant. Now everyone is going to think I do absolutely nothing on my season (hmm you seasonnaires be quiet!)".Parts of it were good, yes mainly due to Ed Westwick, and my God, did Matt and I really want to go ride the pow! But little things were frustrating me.. I mean seriously, when have we sat in the Chalet living room cutting our toenails? Or getting fully naked in the hot tub.. (potentially a few of you I could name). And the most important fact that 'Kim'... after 8 weeks of Snowboarding, she somewhat, managed to enter the Roxy competition and full a flip 950! AND get a private helicopter to ride the Off - Piste. For anyone who has watched this, I have news.. It's not like that..!But nonethe less, still some entertainment to watch. I for one did enjoy it, because I love the trashy TV as Matt says. Yes I do enjoy watching '16 and pregnant'! Nothing wrong with this at all! And on that note, I'm going to catch up with Hellcats (trust me... it even makes me want to be a cheerleader!)Song of the moment.On the last two occasions that I went for an interview, the same thing kept happening to me. And I told myself, that was the last time.. But again this week it happened again.I love M83's song - We own the sky... and lately I have been listening to the Dubstep mix...CLICK TO PLAY. M83. WE OWN THE SKY (UDACHI MIX)., and being the deaf person I am.. I wack the volume up! Obviously once you've listened you will hear the Bass drop! And on those three times, I always forget. And it just so happens, that the Bass kicks in just as I am pulling up in a parking space! Seriously when will i learn?!Anyway have a listen!Love forever,Kfedland x


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