Cruel World

I just sat and watched tonight's Panorama..

I have never been so SHOCKED in ALL my life.

It actually left me in tears.

Basically, tonight's episode was based in one care home in Bristol, with a guy called Joe, going undercover showing the abuse in there.

I genuinely do not know how people can do things like that to other people.

The poor guy Joe, even ended up in tears on his video diary.. and I actually praise this guy, for being able to even go into this place, and have to let it all happen, with no power to control it, and in the hope of getting these awful bullies out of their jobs!

One support worker, named Wayne, makes me physically sick. I don't think it helps that I know 'of' him through people. Considering I have been in the same bar as this guy, makes me mad. He was meant to be looking after these people, and making sure they were well looked after and cared for.. and instead made their lives a living hell.

One young adult, Simone, often shouts back to Wayne calling him a "bastard" and a "fucking prick".

And I personally couldn't agree more.

Simone is not stupid. Wayne is a sick bastard.

These poor vulnerable young adults, know no different, and some cannot speak up. The way they were treated, shocked me, and amazed me. I didn't know that such abuse could happen in just ONE care home. Whilst watching, I wanted to grab my keys and head to this 'dump' and take every one of those innocent victims back home with me.

The part that really sent tears streaming down my face, were two of the young adults.. Simone and Simon. These two seemed to be the biggest victims in the episode, suffering from verbal bullying, physical abuse, mental abuse, torture, pain and constant negativity. Whenever they retaliated, it was only due to the fact the SUPPORT WORKERS had STARTED the fighting. Disgusting.

I mean, seriously, how can people throw water over someone..

THREE times in ONE day?

Slap them and find it hilarious?

Pin them down UNDER a chair.

And let others abuse them, while they look as though its some kind of joke?

I ended the programme in tears, especially when Simon finally managed to move back home, and his mother asked him what he thought of the care home. Simon replied "its horrible. no going back to Winterborne". And his face said it all, the way his mouth drooped so low. You could tell, that behind those eyes and facial expression.. lived too many nightmares that will forever play in his mind, that he cannot erase.

A saddening thought, for a young man, with a mind of a child.. causing no harm to this world.. and this is how he'll remember his life. Because of a select number of support workers, who cannot even do their jobs. Should not even be allowed jobs!

There are some cruel people in this world.

And just thinking about these poor victims to, those years of being in that care home that they'll never get back.

The trust they will never give from anyone else.

The constant nightmares, and visions.

And the emotional abuse they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

I just hope that now, they manage to try and make the most of what they have left.. and be treated like Prince's and Princesses.. because by god do they deserve it.

And those sick BASTARDS, should endure the suffering they made others suffer!

Love forever,

Kfedland x

To view 'Panorama - Undercover Care Abuse'.

Go to BBC IPlayer.

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