Captured Memories

I have been busy finding my feet with Flickr, and uploaded some photos.I remember when I used to carry my little camera around with me all the time, begging my friends for them to let me take their picture! And then it kinda faded out, that is until I was heading to Tenerife, where I dug the old camera out.. and wouldn't stop pestering the other half to "just stand there.. left a bit. OK now you look to happy. POSE" to which I think,after a while, made him fed up with a reply "I'm not a model, nor do I wish to be one." Fair enough. And that was the end of that.So now, i am on the hunt and will go and find someone else. And as of this moment forward, my camera goes wherever I go!Check them out...Click to view Snaps.Here's a few examples of my favourites :-)Love forever,Kfedland x

Rice Pudding

When Life Throws You Lemons..