This Is To You, Again

This is to you, again.

To the one who pushed me not to settle for anything less than what I deserve.

A day doesn’t pass, when I’ll catch sight of your face and wonder how, and why, I got so lucky to meet you. And in those three years that I’ve known you, I’ve never felt happier. Genuinely.

I still find myself intrigued daily by you, with your thoughts and your ways, that have to be just so. I feel like I know you more now than I’ve known anyone in my entire life, yet there’s still so much to find out about you all the time. I love the life that we’ve set up for ourselves, and know that wherever we are in the world, if we’re there together, that’s all that matters.

I love all the memories that we’ve already created together, and thinking of the ones we’ll still create.
Your determination, makes me truly see how much you want from this life, in all of the good ways.
The way you play piano, when you’ve not had practice in so long, makes me want to watch you for longer.
I love how you support me in whatever I do, with nothing but love and care.
And cheer. You’re my favourite cheerleader of them all.
You make me laugh everyday, and I think that’s one of my favourite qualities about you.
When I see from the corner of my eye that you’re just looking at me, I’m reminded how much you like me.
The way you’re incredibly generous to everyone around us, makes me only want to be even kinder to you.
You make me feel content and safe, and that whatever happens in life, you’ll be there by my side.
I want to make you a dad someday, and I want you to love me as not just yours, but as a mother.
And together, we’ll grow even more. We’ll teach our future children what we know. With love.
But most of all, I love you even more that you’re still just as much of a faffer as me, if not more.

Everyday that we’re together, and even when we’re not, you inspire me. You inspire me more now, than you did when we first met. And each of those days that we’ve had, and have to come, you make me want to be the best version of myself. More than I’ve wanted to before.

Because I want you to be prouder of me tomorrow than you are of me today.

And even though you know I love you, you’ll never quite know just how much.

So, thank you x