Life Lately

It feels like all I say is how things have been a little crazy, but I guess this time of year it is (although January is already looking pretty full too..). So it’s been quite nice to take some time to just chill (where and when we can). And of course, by my chilling standards, it normally means that someone else is never too far away… Honestly, it’s his little gallop to the bathroom, when he hears me getting in the bath. And that definitely doesn’t match up to his cute face. But it makes us smile all the same.

I liked pizza, and then I really didn’t like pizza. But lately I’ve been enjoying it again, so if I wanna eat pizza for lunch and dinner, then you can bet that I will. Because, isn’t that the beauty of being a grown up? Getting to eat what we want when we want. I know for one that I take that for granted, so here I am, showing my appreciation for the grown up decisions of eating pizza twice in one day. And with a side serving of wine too…

My Mama and I took a trip to Paris shortly after my birthday for a night, and it was such a lovely thing to do. We got to spend so much time together, talk about everything, and eat a whole lot of cheese. We stayed at Hotel Henriette, and it’s all I keep talking about – but how can I not, when the interiors are right up my street. Now I’m just trying to work out ways in which I can recreate this in my own home..

Christmas for me, is about spending time with my family, and this year we headed to my brothers house for a few days where we drank lots, ate lots and played heaps of table tennis in a school common room. It was just nice to spend quality time with them, whilst relaxing, which is something none of us tend to do much. And after last year, we decided to recreate another photo, which is now going to be our yearly thing. We just have to remember to keep it up. And keep in the same order too!

I went to Slovenia the week before Christmas, on a very last minute opportunity. And I honestly had the most incredible time. A brand kindly sent me, as they wanted me to be part of their video, and we did so much exploring and saw way more of the country I could ever imagine (so much so that I’m telling anyone and everyone about it!). I’ve written The Ultimate Guide To Slovenia which features everything we did, and what I’d recommend. Oh and be sure to check out the video too!

I’m not sure what my friends think of me, but judging by the endless bottles of gin I received for my birthday (we’re talking about seven?!), I think they think I like gin. And they’re absolutely right. AND this one is a current favourite, with it’s botanical flavours. I also added in some pomegranates, but I’ll be honest, I think it’s better with just ice and soda. Because I’m a soda girl, not your tonic kinda girl. Sorry about that…

What’s been your favourite thing about this week?