Five Happy Things This January

Just feeling smug over here, that I did my first Five Happy Things This December (after two years, ouch!), and I’m doing it again. As promised!

For me, it’s such a nice simple thing to do, because it gets me thinking. Thinking about the things that have made me happy this month. And especially with January having that immediate link to being the gloomiest month, dare I say I disagree. January for me, has been full of fun and laughs, and cold weather!

Constant support. I’ve felt a little flat this month, about freelance and wondering if I’m doing enough or even right for this kind of career, but I feel so grateful to have the people I do around me. They’re real and honest, and will help me out when I feel like I don’t know where I’m going, offer advice, pick me up and remind me why I’m doing this – and most importantly, their support to me, never ever goes unnoticed.  This is why we do what we do, to make those around us (and us ourselves), proud.

Our beloved Netflix. I mean, who doesn’t love Netflix? We spent very little time infront of the TV in December, but the nights we’re not out, we’ve found ourselves glued to some new series. Our favourites recently have been Instant Hotel for the insane catty fights, Fyre Festival because OH WOW, You – need I say more?, and have just started on Power. And yes Netflix, we’re still watching…

Opportunities. Even after seven years, whenever an email pops into my inbox asking me to either collaborate with a brand or join them at an event, I feel incredibly incredibly lucky and overwhelmed that these people want to work with me, or have me as part of their story. Of course, not everything is right for me, and I’ll always be honest but polite, but those that are genuinely of interest, still amazes me. What an incredible industry we’re in. Right?

Community. A little on from the constant support, right now, I’m fully all for the community that we, as bloggers and influencers have created. It’s a warming thing to have a community of people around you and I love that the same people will DM me from my stories and the ones who’ll always leave comments on my posts, and genuinely mean it. And so I’ll always make sure that I give it back. Because one small like, comment or message really makes someone’s day. I know it does mine!

Travel Plans. Obviously with January, comes booking endless flights and trips! I’m so excited to have a few places lined up over the next few months. We’ve booked a trip to Norfolk with my brother in February, a girls weekend in Amsterdam in March, and a cheeky trip with Kim to Lisbon in April. This is the reason we work, for things like this. And making amazing memories!

“Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people”