Life Lately

Life has been a little crazy lately, in more ways than one. And whilst I love being busy all day everyday, I guess sometimes our bodies have other ideas and I found myself tucked up in bed towards the end of this week, fighting off a pretty nasty chest infection. But alas, there’s no more time to rest, because it’s my birthday celebrations starting this weekend so gin is in order. And I think Cyndi Lauper might have me sussed this weekend, because there might be some slight tears…

Last weekend (or maybe the weekend before, I can’t quite remember..), I took a trip to Edinburgh with the girls. I love that city so much, so I was excited to spend some time with some of my favourite females, and oh we laughed, we cried, and we drank a whole lot of gin. Honestly, this group of incredible ladies make me feel so wanted and loved, and what I love the most about them, is how they really cheer for each other’s successes. To me, that’s by far the most beautiful quality in them all. Even more beautiful than their very beautiful faces. And that’s a lot!

Normally I buy myself the same flowers (gypsophila, roses and eucalyptus incase you’re wondering), but after realising just how un-autumnal and winter I was in my house, I popped this slightly colourful bouquet into my basket. Oh and a plant, because of course I can’t be without plants, and well it was only £7. And when plants are that price and half the size of me, it’s meant to be. Sainsbury’s are nailing it with their foliage and flowers!

We’ve been back home a fair amount, and it’s always time we enjoy. We’ll split our time in my hometown of Northamptonshire, normally drinking wine and eating out with my folks, or cosying up in Rutland for walks around the water and lots of tea and cake. I love leaving the city for the calm of the countryside, but I also very much love when we return on a Sunday night and still see people out and about doing their thing at 7pm. This is our best of both worlds!

The cat that is not my cat, returns again. I don’t think there’s a day that goes by (unless we’re away), that he doesn’t come in for a potter. Although, he’s now taken some new steps and has started to curl himself up either on our bed or the sofa, and has figured out how to jump in through the window. So I guess there’s no escaping him, which I secretly don’t mind. Not so sure the male’s too happy about it…

And I had to finish on this cute picture of Runkle! We recently did a campaign with IAMS, and you can bet he was all over that food like a bad rash (he’s normally a wet food kinda cat, so this was a real treat). Considering we don’t do that many campaigns, I was so pleased with how they turned out. But don’t fear, we don’t tend to eat breakfast like this, although I’m sure if he had his way, he would!

What’s been your favourite thing about this week?