Life Lately

Mare Street Market has become my little go to place for my morning cuppa, lunch and sometimes a cheeky drink or two after work. It’s such a beautiful space, and being a few doors down from my client’s office, it’s fast becoming one of my favourite places. Their deli is delicious too with plenty of salad options, pastries and some good coffee! Can’t recommend it enough if you’re Hackney way.

Hi my name is Katy, and I can’t stop buying plants. You see, every Friday after my therapy session, I walk home, and on my walk home is Camden Garden Centre. And well, you know, I end up in there just to browse what’s new, and then before I know it, I’ve one (or sometimes two) bags in my hand and I’m adding them into my home. They say that getting your greens is crucial and all that, right…?

┬áSince working from home more regularly, my little buddy has become even more of my little buddy/shadow. Whenever I head into the garden, he’ll wake up from his snooze and follow me out with sleepy eyes, or if I’m running a bath, you can bet he’ll be there expecting plenty of fuss. I don’t mind, because cats are life and precious and cute. And it keeps me company – you know, baths get pretty boring after the first five minutes. Even though I still have one daily!

I’ve been wondering what exactly we’ve been up to in the last month or so, and quite honestly, if we’ve not been hanging out with family on most weekends, we’ve been drinking with friends. I mean, that’s what summer is all about – BBQ’s, pub gardens and cider on the green. I think it’s fast becoming one of my favourite seasons, spending time with everyone we love and care about and just having a pretty awesome time. Except for the hangovers…

┬áTalking of hangovers, we’ve seen a fair few of those lately! And whilst I’m not one to just chill out at all, it’s been duvet days to cure those headaches. To be fair, most of the time I’ve felt this rough, it’s been raining – so it’s almost a little blessing! And we’ve managed to work our way through a few murder documentaries (we’re talking Evil Genius, The Staircase, World’s Toughest Prisons and Dark Tourist), so I guess all is not lost. Anyone else obsessed with crime stories?!

Long time readers may recognise that this isn’t our cat. He’s in fact our neighbours cat, who basically makes himself at home, like it is his home. Every morning he stands at the back door howling to get in – and merely pops in, wanders around, has a little scratch on the pad, settles for five minutes then leaves. He repeats this in the evening too. It’s too hard to resist letting him in when he has incredibly cute (and big) paws. Plus look at that face. Official cat lady.

Summer, you’ve been fun – please don’t leave us just yet.