Finding my style

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With only a few months until my 30th (say WHAT?!), I definitely thought I’d have figured out my style by now.
I mean, I mostly know what works for me, but there’s still times when I’ll order something knowing it won’t be right, but thinking that maybe this time it will. It normally ends up in tears, with lots of regret and a huge amount of sighing at having to deal with that ever-growing returns pile. And then I normally repeat the whole process again in a few months…
Just incase something changes.
FYI, it doesn’t.

For me, my style is fairly simple. What once used to be a wardrobe full of fast fashion, is now a mixture of key pieces, timeless fabrics and those slightly more expensive purchases that I know I MUST get my wear out of. Along with some cheap and cheerful I’ll-wear-this-for-a-season clothes.
Because, we all have those quick (and last minute planning) fixes. Right?

I like things that I can wear for all occasions (well mostly), such as this dress. I bought it on a whim when I was last minute panicking over having nothing to wear for a wedding. I tried it on, and thought that even if I didn’t end up wearing this on the day, I’d wear it all summer.
And for once, I stuck to that.
I wore it to the wedding (and continued to ask if I looked OK, because I was the only girl in black, and well, is black REALLY a good choice for a wedding?) and I’ve worn it pretty much every week since.
It just works.
For the heatwave. For the office. For drinks with the girls. For some dinner with the male. And for basically, anywhere I go.
And, I’ve also been using my new Radley bag, almost as much as I’ve been wearing this dress. Except not AS much, because once my card holder, perfume, keys, lipstick and tissues are in there, there’s no room for my phone (8plus in case you’re wondering). But it’s cute, and fits well with the rest of my wardrobe – so I’m happy to sometimes sacrifice the tissues.
I mean, tissues are practical and all, but cute bags are nicer.

So, I guess until Autumn starts to arrive, I’ll continue wearing this dress, that for once has served the purpose of wedding guest outfit, and everyday attire (hooray for once!). And maybe even then, I’ll just throw a fitted black jumper on underneath, to wear it all year round.
Actually, that’s not such a bad idea.
And then the tissues can live happily up my sleeve.
Oh, I like this idea already. Maybe I do have my style figured out after all…

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