Checking in: Cantaloupe Levels - Sri Lanka

Checking in: Cantaloupe Levels - Sri Lanka

Perfectly placed up a winding mountain road, perches Cantaloupe Levels. Picturesque with views for days and daybeds that you'll never want to leave.

Yep, we felt at home the moment we'd changed into our swimwear and relaxed on the daybeds.

A little like Cantaloupe Aqua, upon arriving you're instantly swept away into another stylish, yet intimate location. Whilst a boutique hotel, it felt much more like a hidden jungle getaway, where you'd only find this place either by spotting it from afar or being in the know. The views are unbelievable, that no amount of photos or videos (I took a fair amount) could quite express just how incredible it is to wake up and see infinite ocean and coastal views, and Galle Fort glistening in the distance. From waking up in the morning, to having dinner in the evening, the location was just the place to constantly overwhelm and take your breath away.

Basically, so much green!

Swimwear on, sunscreened up, and books in our hand, we decided to embrace Cantaloupe Levels in true style.

By not leaving for those two days.


From walking up the two flights of stairs, we instantly knew we were in for a treat. With floor to ceiling windows, a king-sized bed and the perfect lounges to lay back on and watch the world go by beneath you, Cantaloupe Levels makes you feel zen pretty quick.

We stayed in the Suite Dreams suite and let me tell you, suite dreams it was. We slept like babies, and woke up feeling like royalty with that view overlooking Galle Fort. We had plenty of room to potter around in (also just embrace cooling down with the A/C), however found ourselves spending most of the day by the pool.

A little like Cantaloupe Aqua, there really is nothing quite like waking up to a view, and being able to essentially roll out of bed and into the pool.

That's the good life to us.


Much like everywhere, you want somewhere that's classed as a good location. As far as Cantaloupe Levels go, this was a pretty sweet spot. Whilst we didn't do much in the area, it was only a short Tuk Tuk ride down the road towards Galle. Overlooking out to Galle, you can see there's a fair amount to do, with the trading port, and endless lanes full of stylish cafes and boutiques. There's also the famous Lighthouse which is worth a visit.

Closer to Levels, you can walk to visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda temple (make sure to cover up!), or head for a Jungle Beach Trek which apparently is beautiful for sunset.

Or make like us, and just literally hideaway in the jungle, surrounded by greenery, pool vibes and plenty of Dhal!


Talking of Dhal, the food at Cantaloupe Levels was beyond incredible.

Breakfast did not disappoint, with a huge selection of foods, including traditional Hoppers and Rotis, as well as all of the fruit your heart could desire. We're not really creatures of habit, but we definitely ordered the same thing each morning, just because we liked it.

By lunchtime, we'd be snacking on the poolside menu, with dishes such as Jackfruit Hummus & Crudities, Seeni Sambol on Flatbread and of course Dhal. And by evening, we'd be debating over which Sri Lankan dish to have before opting for one of their Viyanjanaya's which didn't disappoint. And also came with Dhal. So double wine.

Genuinely, the Dhal was that amazing. So much so, that I did much have it for every meal.

When in Sri Lanka and all that...


After a hectic trip, we wanted to spend our last few days just lounging. So when we eyed up the pool, complete with daybeds and sun loungers, we knew we'd planned our trip the right way round.As I said above, we literally spent the few days at Levels lounging. We had our books, some music and merely dipped in and out of the pool, with nothing but calmness around us. It was so peaceful (and hot), that we felt truly relaxed.Which is definitely what we wanted.Also, it reminded us a little of our trip to Miami. We could have quite easily stayed here for a few extra days.. If only!

So if a few days unwinding after a whirlwind trip around the island, is your thing - then we couldn't recommend Cantaloupe Levels enough. It's the perfect spot for complete relaxation in a beautiful jungle setting. And, a little romantic too.

We'll never get over that view. Not ever.

*We were guests of Cantaloupe Levels, but all photos and thoughts are my own

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