Life Lately

It’s been a while since I did a Life Lately post, considering all I’ve done in the past 18 months is eat everything, travel more than usual and sleep very little. But I’m back again, sharing all things daily life to trips, because to me, that’s where it all started for Little Winter. And alas, weekends in this household (and week days for that matter…) are for catching up with friends over a few Aperol Spritz and gins (or wine, we’re not fussy) and pizza. After all, is it even summer if you’re not hungover and lacking sleep most days?

My job leads me to all kinds of wonderful things, and last week was spent at Taste with Asia de Cuba. After a morning of some stand installing (actually, I can’t take credit for this – I totally sat in the sun and helped with the ivy arrangement. Oh and some time-lapses, cause social), we spent the evening debating which dishes to order, admiring all of the beautiful stands (Ketel One have nailed it) before heading to Laurent Perrier for a bottle of the good stuff. THIS is why I love London life.

Last weekend, the girls and I took a spontaneous trip to the New Forest. We headed straight for Lymington where we pottered the quaint streets, ate our body weight in delicious food and refused to leave the cute town without buying an ice cream. Once we’d ordered our favourite flavour (honeycombe for me, Candy Floss for Kim), we jumped back in the car in search of horses. To our delight we came across plenty, along with some baby donkeys – which distracted us right until the evening. Pro tip: don’t carry carrots in your handbag – they’ll definitely try and befriend you a little too much!

Currently feeling all of the feels for my family who took part in the London to Brighton bike ride. After waving them off at 6.30am on Sunday and falling back asleep, then realising how late I was to get on the road myself, it was tense whether they’d beat me to the finish line (could you imagine, especially considering I was driving?!). Unluckily for them they had a bike issue, which gave me plenty of time to park up, grab a bite to eat (and pop to a few shops) and collate 12 videos of other bikers cross the finish line (I could not let myself miss that moment!). Whilst a brief trip to my favourite seaside town, it’s always a pleasure to be there.

I couldn’t not share a Life Lately post without this one popping up. What a character he’s turned into since we moved to London. With the options of heading outside, some days he merely sits at the back door and declare that plenty of fresh air. And other days, he’ll be out whizzing about on the grass for hours on end, inviting all the other cats in the ‘hood to our home. Not that I’m complaining, because cats. This is his favourite spot – the perfect place for checking if his food bowls been filled up, keeping tabs on when the front door opens and which neighbour cat is coming in through the back door. He’s got it good.

We’re always heading home, because there’s nothing like spending time with family. So the other weekend, we loaded up the car, picked up Kim and Stew and took them for an adventure to the smallest county of England, Rutland. The weekend was absolute bliss – making ourselves at home in the garden with a glass of wine in hand, evening walks in the field (not so ideal for those with hayfever) and tucking into a delicious home-cooked dinner before curling up for a peaceful night sleep. Once awake and fed (again), we popped on our trainers and went in search of bikes to hire at Rutland Water. With 11 miles under our belts, and a hungry stomach, we finished up the weekend with lunch in Stamford before venturing home, all calm and completely content.

Here’s to more weekends like these.