The Little Things

Burrito Cat. I can’t stop telling people about how this one has become a full on burrito at night (OK, so lets not admit it only happened twice…) which has melted my heart. He’s been on extra fussy mode lately, and after cuddles on my chest, i’ll gently roll him over on his side with me, and he’ll happily lay wrapped up in the throw and stay there till morning. And that’s what makes him burrito cat.
A dapper burrito cat if I must add too.

Refueling. Last week I got the lurgy, and for someone who rarely takes sick days, it seemed the only option was to stay in bed and sleep it off. Only two days later did I wake for a cuppa and started to feel like myself. Only to then end up completely hungover a few days later after a work conference. It’s funny how tea can solve those struggles. Oh and maybe the help of a bed for a few hours…

Throat Medicine. With the lurgy brought a sore throat that still won’t budge. And upon realising that Strepsils weren’t for me (I mean, they remind me of being ten years old and having them for school trips, JUST INCASE but using them as treats on the coach instead…), I took my grown up self to the shop and bought ice cream. And it’s working wonders. Thank you Ben and Jerry. You never let me down.

New Shoes. I’m a boot girl through and through but in the last few months, I’m drawn to heels. I like to pop on my trusty pink pair with my jeans and an off the shoulder top (yes, THAT top I keep talking about!) because it makes me feel sassy. So I told myself I needed some new colours, and I treated myself to a grey suede pair, and chose these fun black heels from Clarks*. And you know something? I have never known comfort in a shoe quite like it. Extra padding, the perfect height. AND I feel cool.

Weekends in Brighton. I write about Brighton a lot, because I visit a lot. And last weekend I packed a bag and headed down South for a few days cat sitting. We spent it eating Mexican for dinner (and for breakfast if we’re going down that route..), eating cake by the seafront, catching up with Sarah, and enjoying an afternoon in the pub drinking cider and talking life. And those, those are moments that really make me feel nice. And appreciate that life, is bliss.

Colourful Salads. I like vegetables more than the average person (OK, so maybe not, but I buy a lot for one person) and eat them everyday if possible (give or take those cheeky McDonalds cravings…). This week I made a sweet potato and chorizo salad with spinach, peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of feta for good measure and you know what? It was amazing. So amazing, that I’ve not stopped talking about it, and I’ve already made it again since…