Five Happy Things

The last time I wrote Five Happy Things, I felt low. And I felt lost - and I suppose in a sense, I have done right up until this week yet writing down a few things that really do make me feel better, they help. In that moment. And they make you remember that actually, sometimes we can be a little lost and that's OK but those simple pleasures will always be there.And they are. And actually over the last few days, I feel like I've so many things I could write down, but I'm going with my top five. The random five at that too.Pre Birthday Celebrations. Because everyone enjoys their birthday, and even more so when you get to spend it with your favourite people. And what's even better is when you drag it out over five days. Yep, we're talking various different meals, a girly sleepover, cheese and fizz with family times and a day of shopping for yourself. Now THAT does make me happy.Reindeer Ornaments. I can't help it. I don't know why I'm so into them. But reindeer ornaments at Christmas have me contemplating buying the whole shop. I want them everywhere in my house and I want to take them all home. They make me smile, and they look cute. Especially the one that's wearing a cable knit.Messages. A perculiar one maybe, but receiving messages off the girls when you least expect it - a simple "thinking of you" and a pick me up tweet really helped me realise that they are always there. And somehow they just know when to send a message at the right time. I love technology for being able to contact them whenever and wherever.Overdue Catch Ups. That friend you've not seen in ages and tell yourself you'll message her soon? Do it. Because actually, you pick up exactly where you left off three years ago, and you wonder why you left it so long. And when they turn up at just the right time with flowers and a bottle of fizz, that's why you remember they're your friend.Writing Lists. I can't stop myself. I write lists every morning at work, and re-write it by lunchtime. I write lists in my notepads of things to do, and I write lists on my phone. I really like writing lists. I may not get everything on my list done, and it may be pointless. But they make me feel organised.Nobody needs to know I'm not.

"We cannot control the wind, but we can direct the sail"

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