Five Happy Things

Just like everybody else, sometimes we have down days, or even weeks. And last week was just that.The house finally sold, with the exchanging taking place last week and with it now being a new chapter, its fair to say that it's felt strange. Those months of having to talk negotiations, make decisions, all whilst trying to begin again sometimes takes its toll, because we're only human.We have feelings.I felt a sense of weirdness. Calmness. And I felt reality. But also that life really has started again. And I'm finally ready for that. I want adventures, and new exciting things. I want different feelings and exciting opportunities.And it seems like the perfect time to start again.So I'm dusting myself off from my bed sheets that I've hidden away under a little bit this week, and I'm reminding myself of things that have made me happy in the past seven days..Fresh Flowers. When mama surprised me with some flowers the other evening, because she just knew. That's what makes me happy. I like flowers in my house. And I also like my mama. A lot.Spontaneous Trips. On Saturday I didn't want to sit in, I wanted to do something - and after a quick message to my cousin we were heading to the seaside within half hour. With our coats and scarves in tow we walked along the beach and found a spot to talk, laugh, reminisce and cry, with a cone of chips in one hand and a tasty ice cream in the other, whilst looking out at the calm and peaceful horizon. I could spend hours there.Bed Sheets. Sometimes I think we forget just how much we love our own bed. I know I love mine, especially with fresh bedding, lots of cushions, a big warm throw and a mug of hot chocolate resting carefully on top of the sheets on a dark evening and getting lost in a book (that we're still working through). Bliss.Pimms Cider. Tried and tested. And approved. A lot! Pass me a box of this next time please!Girlfriends. Because girlfriends really and truly are the best medicine. Whether they're standing at my door (or letting me into my own home..), meeting me for coffee or even at the other end of Whatsapp, they're just there. Their patience, wisdom, advice and jokes are never missed and I genuinely have all the time in the world for them.I'm still working on a way to get them to live in my house for good. But there's a few obstacles to get thought first.Starting with their equally nice partners. And the miles between us.Ladies, you know who you are.You're the best fruits I could ever have picked.

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