The truth about living with a cat

There's not a day that goes by when I don't search into Google "why does my cat..."

I mean, I want to know why he looks at me in that particular way, I wonder why he's being so needy all of a sudden and I just felt the need to find out today why he keeps nipping my legs late at night (don't worry, it doesn't mean he fancies me), because, I guess my cat sometimes does perculiar things.

And I want to know that he's normal.

Nope, he's certainly a little special. I guess it's true that pets are like their owners. But there isn't half a load of rubbish on the internet too. One website suggested that in order to stop your cat being your shadow, you should merely try a squirt gun.

Because that's the right answer...


I don't want to squirt my cat with water in the hope he'll back off. Give me all the attention you need CAT.

I like cats too much.

And I'm breaking those rumours on the internet. I'm doing it - and i'm putting the world straight. The world need to know, what it's really like living with a cat.

Actually, what its like living with Runkle.

The cat who has basically become like a needy boyfriend, who won't leave you alone, in recent months.

Cats like cuddles.

Yes. Cats do like cuddles. But cats like cuddles when you're trying to change the bed, or when you're in the bath trying to wash your hair. Oh and when you're cooking dinner on the hob? Yeah, cats really like trying to cuddle you then. I like cat cuddles. I like cat cuddles in the evening, when I'm relaxed and watching TV.

I think Runkle likes cat cuddles at 5am though.

Cats are small so they don't take up much room.

Really? I mean, have you seen the size of Runkle? He may not be big in comparison to another creature, but I'm fairly sure that when the light switches off in my bedroom at night, he somehow grows in size. Only for the evening though. Because he sure takes up three quarters of the bed.

It's cool though, I like being curled up by my pillow anyway...

Cats are independent. They don't need much attention.

I think I missed this memo... Because last time I checked, Runkle wants all of my attention, pretty much all the time. He doesn't want to go out today, so I leave him in. I come home and he's basically been sat itching to go outside. I kindly open the door and send him on his way (if his paws worked better, I'd give him a lunchbox of sarnies) and I continue my daily activites. Ten minutes later, I hear a noise. A WHINE. A SHRIEK.

Oh, that's him wanting to come back inside now. Right.

That peace lasted a while.

Cats care about the people around them.

It's a cold evening outside, and I'm just getting into the bath for a relaxing soak and within minutes I am greeted by the face of fear. The ears are pinned back, and before you know it, he's jumped on the side of the bath wanting you to leave the scary tub of water.

And he'll meow. He'll meow and tap until you do so. But that's only because he cares...

Cats understand your need for sleep.

Because cats sleep so much in the day, they get it. They understand and they agree that your bed is the comfiest place on the planet. That we all need sleep.

They get it so much, that they then like it when you're in bed with them. When you've squeezed yourself in at the end. They like it so much, that actually, they want to play. And they want to move up and down the bed every hour on the hour. Oh and when you have to get up for work? It's OK, they've got it, they are the security guard on duty for the day. And request you to get dressed as quietly as possible please.

Cats will pad you when they like you.

That's so sweet. It's nice to know that my cat thinks I need a massage on my chest, oh and maybe a slight head rub too. And finished up with a little face pad - because my cheeks are just full of pores.

I would just prefer my massages when it isn't 3am and dark outside...

Cats love adventures and the outdoors.

Some cats like adventures. Some cats like chasing birds and hiding in the bushes. Runkle likes pretending to be a bird and sitting on the birds nest high in the tree. And Runkle likes doing this until he can't get down anymore and realises that his stomach isn't quite as sturdy to hold him - but he's so calm. He just wants you to panic.

And anyway, he knows you love him, so you've probably got pet insurance for him. So he'll hang back for a little longer.

Cats like a safe place.

Great. I'll buy him a new bed, so that he knows it's his, and I'll make sure his litter tray is in a nice place in the bathroom - so he feels just like a human.

Oh coming home from work, and seeing his face is just lovely. Wait, what's that? Oh a nice present in his new bed. But at least the litter tray is clean which is nice.

Nope, a present in the bath too.

Cats are dull.

WRONG. Cats are not dull.

My cat definitely isn't dull.

In fact, come over to my house and I'm sure Runkle will make you change your mind... He's a pretty special little thing indeed.

And I wouldn't have him and his peculiar behaviour and pot belly, any other way.

Post in collaboration with Argos Pet Insurance.

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