A house into a home

There's not many places in the world that I'm itching to get my little (big) bum too. I mean, of course if you're wishing to take me to the Maldives or America, then you know, my bags are packed ready. But I've never really wanted to go somewhere in particular. Until a few years ago, when one place stuck caught my eye. A country of sharp contrasts. A place where fire and ice co-exist.


Something about Iceland just really appeals to me, whether it's catching the Northern Lights in all it's absolute beauty, spending an afternoon soaking in the Blue Lagoon with a view or hiding out in a log cabin with a warm fire and some hot cider. Watching the clear sky from afar.

But like life, Iceland must wait.

George at Asda however, cannot wait. And they've came up with this incredible new collection which brings countries from all over the world, to our homes.And if you ask me, that's a winner.I picked some pieces from the Luna range, with the thought of recreating Iceland indoors. Just without the beautiful scenery to look at. And instead getting Runkle and his not so beautiful bum to look at.Yeah. He likes sitting on my chest at night, padding on the Damask duvet set. Facing away from me..

For months I've wanted a new light, but I think I've learnt that I'm fussy with lighting.I mean, it's not that I don't like many lights and lamps, it's just that there's never been any that seem RIGHT.And then I spied this cute one, with it's mason jar style base. Admittedly, I took off the tassel because, fussy! And after two weeks of thinking no light bulbs actually work in this (thanks mama for just putting the right one in...), it's the perfect addition to my bedside table.

No room in my house, or anyone's house for that matter, should be without some form of ornament. A pointless ornament if you wish. And this was no exception.My mind has been debating a real grown up bike for over a year now (that means if I'm still wanting it, I'm totally OK to get one now yes?), and so I couldn't resist this metal bike standing proud on my fireplace. And it may be pointless. And people may not like it. But I like pointless things people don't like.

And no bed is a bed without cushions. Lots of cushions.I chose the grey cushion to keep with the grey bedding, and the faux fur, because, it's fluffy! And you can bet your bottom dollar that I then added three more cushions to my bedroom that night, and snuggled right on in with them.Because if you can't have ten hundred cushions on your bed when you're single? Then when can you!

Now, if you don't mind, I've got some marshmallows to toast over a log fire, some star gazing to be done in my pyjamas and a cold and Wintery husky sleigh ride to be planned.Oh wait. I don't have a fire, it's a little cloudy to see the stars tonight and I guess Runkles not really tough enough to pull me on a sledge I don't own (even if he's a little tubby).I suppose, my imagination will have to do for now...And my incredibly cosy bedroom.

This handsome chap

A better night sleep