A better night sleep

I like sleep. And I like my bed. A lot.I also like the mornings, because weirdly it's another day. Another day for opportunities, adventure, new things and a chance to see people (I like people a lot too, but that's a whole other story) and make memories.BUT there's one thing I don't quite like.And it's waking up when the dark mornings are still about.You see, I don't really sleep as much as I probably should. Probably because my mind seems to always be in over drive with thoughts.."Did I lock my front door? What if someone tried to kill me, I'd be dead for days?""Do I need to get some more cheese in, I've only got two blocks and a halloumi pack left...""I hope I didn't upset someone today for speaking""Did my bum REALLY look big in that dress today?"Either that, or my head is in the fridge enjoying a chunk of cheese at midnight (it totally happens). But last week, after finding it even more difficult to get up than usual, and with my excuse that "since living alone, it's been harder getting up without anyone waking me" running a little thin, I took matters into my own hands. I made myself sleep better.And with the help of Victoria Plum.com, here are my tips on how I got a better nights sleep.A soak in the bath - I'm a little routine in the fact that I have a bath every night. Most nights before bed (sometimes I rebel and bath straight after work), I love nothing more than lighting some candles, turning on my Cloud playlist and soaking in the bubbles of all bubbles. It definitely leaves me feeling calm, and clean. And ultimately cosy for bed.Blackout Time - This is always a big tip, and one I am useless at because, WHATSAPP groups! I mean, I don't want to miss out on juicy information, or pointless emoji chat. But last week, I waved goodbye at a reasonable time, and instead opted for a book under the covers which in fairness, made me sleepier. Let's just say, I've tried reading every night but I don't seem to be getting that far in...Fresh bedding and clean pyjamas - There is nothing quite like getting in a fresh bed with clean and nice smelling pyjamas right? Most nights I'll sleep in a vest and my knickers because I end up tangled in the duvet, but on those really cold evenings, Esprit have the best and softest jersey bottoms to keep your legs toasty under the covers. And are always a win for those mornings when you have to get out of bed.Lavender Scents - Lavender is my favourite smell, and you can be sure that there will be a candle lit by my bedside most evenings and last year Rosie made me the nicest lavender scent spray which is nearly coming to an end. A few spritz of that on my pillow at night really does help soothe and calm you as you close your eyes counting to sheep. Or doughnuts if you're me.A tired cat - Many people tell me I should shut Runkle out of my bedroom. Maybe I should. But I don't want to. But wearing up all his energy in the day definitely helps for a more peaceful night. I mean, I love cuddles at 5am with him, but sometimes, just sometimes it's such a better sleep when he's sprawled out at the end of the bed ALL night.And you know what?I may still have struggled to get out of bed (I blame the arrival of those dark mornings - I mean seriously, who wants to wake up when it's still dark and dreary outside?)BUT struggling aside, I did feel fresher.I felt more alert (not sure my brain was any cleverer!) and more ready.So maybe it's time to put that phone to rest at a reasonable time more.Although, sneezing and toilet mishap stories on Whatsapp, simply cannot be ignored.

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