Life Lately

Last weekend one of my favourites, Kimba came to visit and we had the nicest weekend catching up on all things life, eating tasty food and plenty of avocado, drinking lots of tea and relaxing in bed, pottering about town and debating new purchases and enjoying the Summery taste of a good fruity Pimms. I love it when friends come to visit. I'm currently working a plan on how to kidnap them. One step at a time

I can sit for hours and talk about how much I love my place. Because I really really do. It has become my own little sanctuary, the place where I feel the most content, where I love to invite people in, where I enjoy talking about, and the place that I feel is me. Truly me.I love the calmness of it all, the simplicity (hell yeah, I'm simple!), how inviting it always feels to guests and how fresh and light it seems, even on the miserable of days. There is not a day that goes by, where I don't feel grateful to have found this little haven. The place that has made me remember who I am (whether that's cheesy or not, whatever), and showed me that everyone deserves to be happy.

I've been pretty busy these last few weeks, so it was nice to have a lazy evening in bed this week where I boiled the kettle, filled up the treats jar, turned off the lights and curled up with Runkle watching the last of the trashy TV (boo to no more trash...). I love keeping busy, but it's nice to have a night off where you can reflect on life and take time for yourself.

There is not a morning that doesn't go by where this fur ball totters up to my head and snuggles down beside me. I'm fairly sure that Runkle loves nothing more than sitting on top of me rather than next to me, purring away with his head tilted up by my shoulder, looking into my eyes. Yes. He totally does that. But I wouldn't have it any other way, except maybe if he didn't leave so much fur on my pillow..

After a spontaneous trip to Warwick Castle this weekend, I've decided that I quite like Warwick Castle. Especially on a beautiful day like it was. And even though my little legs may have hurt the following morning from the never ending staircases, and the beautiful gardens to potter about in, I wouldn't have changed it one bit.

Although, I don't think I'd live in a castle myself. There was too many red walls and carpets. And probably spiders.

I'm a fan of quotes (as you can tell from my numerous frames around the house) and find that many of them are so true. These last four weeks have felt like the real beginning again, and I can completely say that I feel really good in myself (bar the days when I've eaten too much and I have to sit in just my pants and vest.. but you know, that's cool..). Stressing less about everything in life is so important, and instead I took the approach to just go with the flow (albeit a few unsure moments) and not question things. Because everything happens for a reason, and if something's really poop? Just deal with it how you want to deal with it, even if it means ignoring it. And if something's really good? Just embrace that really good moment. Enjoy it. Don't doubt it.

So that's what I'm doing.

But first, I'm shouting from the rooftops that I got the all clear from my recent smear test.

Here's to the vagina being private for six months.

I'll definitely be drinking to THAT!

Exposing myself

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