Life lately

This picture melts my heart. Like ultimately melts it - not literally, just genuinely. I mean LOOK at his little nose!! Runkle is a huge fan of a chin tickle, actually, he's a fan of any fuss and having to get up in the morning and leave him for the day when he's at his most fussiest is hard. Believe me. I wonder if there is any jobs out there where you can fuss cats all day... Please employ me. I am a cat whisperer.

I was going to pick myself up a daybed this week for the spare room, and when Claire came over this week she had one spare - so after a quick pit stop to her parents, and some help from my mama, I now have a cosy little corner in the spare room. I have decided that maybe this is the perfect place to blog, especially with it being so peaceful and inviting. Now I just need plenty of sleepovers too..

This week I've been off work, and although I wasn't looking forward to it so much with little plans in place, I've had such a nice week and one that I probably needed. I spent my time spring cleaning (yep, three times.. I KNOW!), getting my nails done, trying on all my clothes, being spontaneous, getting drunk a few too many times and feeling good in myself. Looking after yourself is actually pretty rewarding - I don't do it enough.

Last weekend myself and my good pal, Nikki planned a night out. It was planned in the sense that we were not, under any circumstances, allowed to stay in (we're terrible creatures for getting ready and then turning on Netflix, and ordering takeaway!). Let's just say that getting home when the sun was coming up, and eating chips and cheese (and cucumber FYI) on the pavement took us back to being 18. It was fun. But definitely won't be doing that for another nine years.. I'm fairly sure that I'm still hanging from it..

Papa bought me a TV for my bedroom a few weeks back - and although mama worried that I'd never leave my bedroom, it is literally the perfect recipe for a lazy Sunday morning. I was never a fan of duvet days (I always liked the idea of them, but got bored too quickly), but in the last few weeks I love nothing more than boiling the kettle, keeping my pyjamas on and enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning watching some trash on the TV.

Last week I saw this little chap. It warmed my heart and broke my heart all at the same time. He's still as small as I remember, and just as crazy as he used to be.. Although I can't help but notice that he sometimes looks a little lost without Runkle by his side. It was nice to enjoy a few cuddles with little Ralph and squidge that cute face of his. One of these days I'll end up in prison for being a cat burgular..

I like cats. A lot.

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