The Joy of Missing out

I used to suffer from FOMO a few years back. Like a lot. In other words, I had massive fear of missing out, and found myself constantly saying yes to everything because ‘WHAT IF I MISSED SOMETHING SO GOOD?’
But now.
I don’t mind saying no. Actually not so much saying no, more just appreciating that time in can be just as awesome and needed as heading out in heels that hurt (sometimes). And you don’t even need to spend as much as you would a night out. So there’s always a bonus.
Although, I say that as though I know these things.
But I’m the kind of girl who pre-drank before getting to the bar.
Who would only need a pitcher of cocktail to keep her going all night,
And would spend the rest of her money on chips, cheese and a taxi home.
Yep. That’s the kind of girl I was. Still am in fact.
But I’d rather buy all the cheeses, make my own pitchers, keep my slippers on, listen to music that I want too, not have to order taxi’s and just stay in with my friends. Yep, I now have the joy of missing out!

Ladbrokes Bingo invited me to take part in their JOMO challenge… So having just moved out, with minimal technology (I’m a bit behind OK?!), I took the sensible route, for once, and picked up a DVD player, because let’s be honest, that’s a good start.
Then I decided it was time to sort out one of my major life problems..
I’d never seen Bridget Jones before…
So I picked up the two film boxset. And 500 Days Of Summer (somehow I managed to lose 2 copies of this last year?!) and told myself that’s all I need in my DVD library.
But DVD’s aside, a night in is never ever complete without some trusty slippers, and well, I couldn’t resist these cute bunny slippers. I can’t resist any slippers if I’m honest, but these especially.
I mean, LOOK at them. They have bunny ears.
And cute buttons.
And well, they were in my basket fairly swiftly.

With any night in, comes the need (and must!) for snacks of all kinds. Movie nights must always be accompanied with Popcorn. That’s a fact for you.
Ideally a mix of Sweet & Salt. But I mean, I’ll take toffee flavour too. Or plain.
Actually, I’m really not fussy at all. So unfussy that biscuits came into the mix aswell. Jammie Dodgers, Brownies and some Chocolate Chip Cookies (and yes, I was good with GF choices!) were bought. And as per usual, no night is ever a night without cheese.
All kinds of cheese.
Camembert was the chosen cheese. With lots of garlic. Garlic is good. Garlic is great when you’re watching Bridget Jones and nodding in agreement.  #Liferightnow.

So I called my friend over, flicked on the fairy lights, fluffed up my cushions and lit all my hundreds of candles. I popped some wine in the fridge and poured a few glasses of cider ready for her arrival.
The slippers were on.
The hair was pulled back.
The curtains were closed,
And the night in began. And you know what? Not once did I get the fear of missing out. In fact, I’m fairly sure that everyone outside of my place was feeling FOMO.
Or maybe not. But I’d like to pretend so.
And with said night in being enjoyable, I have learnt two things:
1) You don’t need money to have a good time in – the simple sounds of laughter and chatter between friends are always much more memorable than the faint sounds and nodding in a club.
2) That Bridget Jones is bloody awesome. Super awesome. Like Colin Firth. I like him too.
Oh, and as a third one… I make a pretty good hot chocolate. Marshmallows too. THAT, is my kind of night.