My little prince

Runkle is my little prince. He has been since the day that we brought him home. Runkybum and I did and still do, everything together, and when he used to be a house cat, he would spend hours wanting our attention and fuss.Still to this day I think that having him for a house cat for the first year and a half, turned him into who he is today - the best kind of cat.Although that's probably from my constant fussing and love too!Basically in a word, he's needy.Even more so now since him and I packed our bags and started a new chapter.Runky wants to be everywhere I am, seeing whatever I am up to and being part of anything I am doing. He's always there. And most likely purring away.Which I don't mind.Not at all.Because as you know me, I like cats.Actually I don't like cats.I bloody love them. And as my dad so correctly points out, I've just become a proper spinster cat lady. I'll take that.I love when he greets me at the door at the end of the day, pretty excited to see me and hang out (yeah, we totally hang out). I love when he wants to join me in the bath because he feels that he's missing out and I love when he curls up in bed with me, and snuggles right in when I'm feeling a little sad or lost.He just knows.And he's bloody awesome he is. If he could understand me and talk (sometimes I'm grateful that he doesn't have to hear my chat), I think I'd take him out for a drink or two. Or maybe just an orange juice.Because if he's anything like me, he'll be a right lightweight.Which makes us a good pair really.I mean, we like our sleep, we like to have our hair played with, and we like cuddles.We also both really like cheese. And Marmite.So to those people who think cats are stubborn (I know, I don't get it either).. You should come spend a night at ours. Because I can guarantee you, that this little chap here...He is far from stubborn. He's awesome.And you know something else.He is my favourite ever person. Yes, honestly.So pass me the Dreamies, because we've got a wild night in watching Birds on Youtube.

Five Happy Things

One lazy weekend