Five Happy Things

If there's one thing I've learnt this year to do with Little Winter, it's to be honest. And if I'm being honest, well things have just been really bloody tough these last two weeks.Like really tough.So I decided that by continuing with my Five Happy Things post, it gives me the kick up the butt to remind me that the world hasn't ended, that I still have a roof over my head, and that life is still full of wonderful and magical things.Plus cats are still awesome.My Girls. With feeling down in the dumps, my friends have tried so hard to cheer me up, and I may not thank them in the moment, but I literally feel so grateful for them. And a big snog to two ladies in particular, Sarah and Rosie who have rescued me in my pile of tears and are bringing the beach (kinda) to the Midlands in a few weeks. These girls are the best. They all are.Avocado's. I bought my first avocado this week and made myself a pretty tasty salad. Admittedly I flopped at cutting it up, but sometimes there are things in life that we are no good at. This is one of them for me. Although thumbs up to the salad I added it to. And yes, this was totally a happy moment.My Parents. Literally couldn't be anywhere without them. All the love and thankfulness in the world wouldn't quite prove to them how much I appreciate everything they have done in these last few months. Parent's really are on another level aren't they?Spring Cleaning. On Sunday morning, I put my music on full pelt, grabbed the hoover and some cleaning equipment, and gave my place a good old spring clean. And actually, I felt so much better and calm knowing that the cushions were plumped up, the rug was fur free and the kitchen was as spotless as it could be.A haircut. I booked in for a haircut, just for a trim and to re-shape my fringe. And well basically, just for a good hairwash. It was definitely a good relaxed hour in the salon.With fresh smelling hair.I'll leave you with a quote which quite aptly fits right now - "There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And if you can't see that light, you haven't quite reached the end".Tell me, what things made you happy this week?

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