Matching outfits

You know when we always joke that the couples who dress together, stay together? Well, we’re not really joking anymore… Little B blames it on me, because I never used to wear jeans, which made getting dressed just a normal job. But since that changed, we have to inform the other that “I’m wearing the black jeans today OK” (most of the time it’s me, because I only own black…) and this works. We have it sussed out. Or we had it sussed out. Until Little B definitely started being rebellious and wore black jeans at the same time, which is actually fine… We have different tops on, and footwear choices. Well, that WAS the case…

And then I went and decided that grey was my new favourite clothing colour (still love ya black!) and slouchy tops are still up there on my ‘you’re-the-greatest list’. Which is fine, had Little B not got a wardrobe of grey shirts piled up (I tell you, he likes the grey shirts!). But y’know, with it being Winter, again, it’s totally cool… I wore my leather jacket, and had a scarf, so you almost couldn’t see the grey fleck top, that looks so similar to his grey shirt….

But then I took it one step further.. I never own practical shoes (ask anyone who ever walks anywhere with me, and they’ll tell you that!) but my brain had been telling me in the last few months that maybe it was time for some trainers, some proper casual trainers (that aren’t bright pink DC’s… Honestly, they looked good in the French Alps all those years ago!) and well, these just seemed to be the ones I was looking for. Which again, is totally fine. Had it not been that Little B owns a grey and blue pair. That he wears all the time. Like literally, all the time…..

Maybe he should just take it as a compliment, because it seems that I’m slowly stealing his look (or his vibe as he’d probably joke!). But bad luck for him, we’re pretty much the same size (he would definitely disagree and tell me that I always stretch his boxers when I wear them… CHEEK!) so he best start watching what he’s buying.. Who knows where it’ll end up. Actually, that Shore Project Watch he has is quite nice. And I think it’ll go perfectly with my new Urban Outfitters skirt….

Grey Top* | Jeans | Puma Trainers*

Grey Shirt* | Jeans | Shore Projects Watch* | Nike Trainers