Hello 2015

Hello 2015 (and Happy New Year finally!), what a whirlwind you have already been. Yes, we have taken quite some time away from Little Winter, more than we probably intended but equally enjoyed.As much as we love our little corner (I'd say that if the internet was a square, we'd definitely fit into a corner, just quietly, minding our own business) of the big world wide web, we've really felt at arms length from it in the last few months, and not because of our stats, or followers or the content we publish, but just because we realised, that for us, BLOGGING ISN'T EVERYTHING. This may upset a few or raise some well shaped eyebrows, but since locking our phones in the evenings, keeping those laptops under the coffee table and spending our weekends walking places without a camera has made us remember that, WE LIVE IN A PRETTY BEAUTIFUL WORLD PEOPLE (most of the time) and as much as seeing what X is wearing on Instagram or checking who's doing what on Twitter is great, actually seeing animals in the forest having a nice life, and enjoying the full taste of food infront of us, is so, SO much better. Like really better. And those moments are what's priceless.Don't get us wrong, we love taking photos (yep, those cat photos won't take themselves...!) and capturing those moments for us to look back on, but actually enjoying that moment right there and then, and not tweeting/instagramming/blogging about is, almost makes us remember them in a different way. A real way. And it's also been the perfect opportunity for us to just enjoy company from our friends and families, actually talk to them, drink with them and laugh with them. And keeping it hidden from the internet makes me feel like it's a more special moment. Like the internet doesn't need to know what my aunt did at the Christmas table, or what present my brother bought us for Christmas (actually, that you DO need to see!), because really, they're our moments to treasure. And I like it.But going off on one here, and not really knowing where I'm actually heading with this, is to say, that YES we are still sticking around for a while, as I just don't think we're quite ready to close this place down (I mean, where would all those cat photos go...?!), but bare with us if we don't tweet our every step or Instagram that delicious lunch we just ordered, because we'll probably be outside somewhere taking great pleasure in the real simple things in life. Like the frost on the ground, and the dark evenings around us. Saying that, we'll maybe just be hanging out with our cats. But that's cool. That's our life. And that's what's real to us.So, hey 2015. Let's make it a good one!

Also, March is looking like my favourite month so far, and I can't wait (it also doesn't have anything to do with the fact that my Frankie diary is covered in cats, during the month of March!)!!

Happy Days

Merry Christmas!