Butternut Squash Tagine

As you’ve probably gathered, we don’t eat a lot of meat (Little B doesn’t really get too much of a say when I cook!) and lately I am forever on the hunt for recipes. I’ve never been into cooking much (I’d much rather be cooked for) but all of a sudden I want to cook. All the time. And when Little B had gone out for the day, I got my bake on and made a butternut squash tagine which wasn’t too bad for a first time!

I think I made a little too much but we’re fans of freezing meals for rainy days! Little B was very impressed with this taste, and although I was fairly critical about it (thinking it needed more of one and less of another) it was a very yummy meal. So to make this butternut squash tagine, you will need:
Butternut Squash (I never use a whole one – but probably half)
Sweet Potato (again, I’m one for estimating!)
Courgette (I diced mine, but it’s also nice grated)
Curry Powder
1 GF stock cube
Chopped Tomatoes
Cous Cous (you can always use ready made or from scratch)
Firstly I roasted off my butternut and sweet potato in the oven with a drizzle of oil and some seasoning. Whilst this was cooking, I fried the peppers and onions on the hob and added the courgette and sweetcorn shortly after.

Once the vegetables had cooked, I added in a tin of chopped tomatoes (you can add in two depending on the consistancy that you’re looking for) and a heaped teaspoon of curry powder and paprika. If you find the sauce a little bland, add some more seasoning until you’re happy. With some boiled water, I then poured in 300ml of dissolved stock cube and added in my roasted butternut and sweet potato and stirred until it was all blended in. I turned down the heat slightly and popped a lid on the pan, leaving it to simmer for half hour.
Ten minutes before you’re due to serve up, cook your cous cous in a pan of boiling water till the water has been absorbed by the cous cous (this normally takes 5/10 minutes). We then seasoned it with a splash of paprika and some finely grated carrot to add to the flavour.
Serve alongside the tagine and some green salad, and for that extra delicious flavour, add a dollop of Tzatziki – making this fairly Summery meal warm up those Winter tummies.