There comes a time in life when wearing black and dressing like a T-Bird is just part of your day. Our time has come. And yes, it's totally OK for the ladies to dabble in this look too, because y'know the Pink Lady outfit is all fun and candy floss and that, but sometimes trying to be cool is the only option, y'know?

Boohoo Smock | Ash Boots | Warehouse Bag | RayBan Sunglasses

We were heading out for the afternoon to a local village with an amble in mind and within minutes left to leave, one still couldn't quite find that right piece of clothing. Fate however came on my side when the postman dropped this simple dress through the letterbox.. It's almost like he just knew, that I was a damsel in distress (sometimes it feels like it!). I have that kind of fetish where new clothes must be worn immediately. Although it means a constant urge to spend, on the plus side it makes me love those items in my wardrobe that are left forgotten and unworn for weeks. Like my Ash boots. Now I can't seem to take them off again...

The simple things

Butternut squash & Sweet potato salad