In the cattery

As told by Little R...

They sent me to this place. This place full of noisy cats and small spaces. My people, they know that I like plenty of space - I like to go where ever I want, because I get my own way you see. Not this time though.I remember seeing the suitcases but because they're always farting about places I really didn't think too much of it. As long as I got my food and the back door left open, life was good. And then one morning I was woken up (I'm fairly certain I was still asleep) and put into my cat basket (why do they do this? I do NOT want to go in.. can't they take a hint?) and taken to that place. The Cattery. It was all new to me, as normally they get some blonde lady over to keep an eye on me (yeah, I love waking her up and showing her who's boss around here!) but for what seemed like forever I spent my time being miserable. I did nothing there and only came out to eat when nobody was around. I didn't want cuddles or fuss. I wanted my blanket and garden. The other cats around me looked like they enjoyed themselves.. I can't understand why. But I kept myself to myself and thought this what how life was to be.About ten hundred days later (it was actually only five!) I heard a noise. It was the people, with my people. They had come to rescue me. And take me back to my favourite things. Luckily they had some money to pay for me to get out (word on the street is that Argos Cat Insurance include cover for  Cattery fees) and finally, I was free.. Well, after I was forced into that basket again!Since then, life has been better. I don't take my people for granted anymore, and now I'm so scared that they'll go again, that I even follow them to the toilet and the local shop. But apparently, that's because I'm weird. My neighbour Charlie, he doesn't do that. He quite likes that place. I'm really not sure why.But life is definitely good again and I can go back to my normal day.

*Post in collaboration with Argos

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