Nutella French Toast with Strawberries

Breakfast in the week consists of a fruity smoothie and a go-ahead bar. Easy for people like us who are on the go (or semi lazy and prefer an extra 10 minutes in bed). However on weekends and holidays we always make the most of this time and cook up some tasty meals to start our day - our favourite normally consisting of garlic philly scrambled eggs or pancakes.. But alas, there's a new favourite in town. Yep, the Nutella french toast with strawberry sprinkling!

As I always express, we don't tend to measure things out properly, however we followed a recipe who did things in cup measurements and spoons so we kinda went along with this but y'know it's not too accurate and it still tasted amazing! So to make this truly incredible breakfast, you will need:Bread (we just used normal loaf bread)NutellaStrawberries5 Eggs1/4 cup of heavy Cream (we just used double cream)1 cup of Milk1/4 teaspoon of Baking Powder2 tablespoons of Flour4 1/2 Tablespoons of Sugar (personally we'll add more in next time to make it that little bit sweeter)1/2 teaspoon of VanillaNutmeg (this is optional. Some people prefer using cinammon but we gave nutmeg a try instead!)Butter (to fry off your bread in)We firstly made our Nutella sandwiches with the chocolate being fairly thick on the bread. Once this is done, add to a blender the milk, cream, eggs, vanilla, sugar, flour, baking powder and nutmeg. Blend this for roughly 10/15 seconds and then pour into a shallow dish (we used an old ice cream tub which actually worked perfectly!).We then dipped a sandwich at a time into the mixture and allowed a few seconds for it to soak up. This was done for both sides -- and once it had been soaked we gently squeezed the sides of the bread to keep it together.

Next we fried off some butter in a pan (we used our griddle pan which worked best) and made sure that the butter didn't burn. Once the pan was warm and the butter had melted, we popped our first slice of toast into the pan. This was cooked until golden brown on the base, and then we flipped this over and did the same to the opposite side. When one toast had cooked, we removed the butter from the pan and repeated the process again.Personally (I haven't seen anyone else do this), but we popped ours into the oven for a few minutes on a VERY low heat (it has baking powder in so the chances of it rising are high!) just to keep it warm whilst cooking up the other slices.Serve your french toast with a side of strawberries and a sprinkling of icing sugar and enjoy. Best enjoyed with a fresh glass of orange juice and an extra dose of strawberries (you can never have enough strawberries!).

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