The simple things

Spending the evenings relaxing in the spare room with this furry one. Although since Little B has been off work for the Summer, Little R has found a new BBF. And I am no more his chum who he wants cuddles with. Unless I have treats.

Opening the kitchen doors and replying to emails at my leisure. Because this is definitely one way to spend your Sunday morning (and it has nothing to do with waiting for Little B to wake up..). It's always better when a pastry is involved. Always.

A Saturday afternoon at Granny's farm feeding the ducks and chasing the chickens. Every single time we see them, they never ever fail to make us smile. Even if the geese hiss a little too much. Oh and the baby chicks are too cute.

Being on the road with work and exploring new places. And definitely driving on this beautiful road through Yorkshire. Places like this really make me appreciate living in England. Especially when the weather is delightful.

Spending time outdoors and making new pals with the local sheep. Even if they act like Regina George and the other two girls. Little B took a shine to them, and it seems they took a liking back. That afternoon was bliss in the countryside.

Seeing this face. Always. My little Jazzpad never fails to make me smile, even if we spend our weekday evenings in pyjamas stuffing our faces with ice cream (looking atchu JazzP) and catching up like old friends. Cause she seems like an old friend. In the best way possible.

Things you didn't know about us