Hey it's OK

To question where you're heading in life. Everybody has those days.

When you dance in the kitchen and genuinely believe that you are Beyonce.  Actually better than her.

To talk to your pet more than to people some days.

When your boyfriend brings you ice cream home and you secretly wished it was chocolate.

To take a bow of strawberries and jar of nutella  to bed. And label it dinner.

When you wipe the bathroom sink with a makeup wipe and think that the cleaning is done.

To wear the same dress for three days running. Seriously. We've all been there.

When you workout and then 'accidentally' forget to wash your hair. For three days after.

To think that maybe even the prettiest of girls have flaws. Maybe they don't keep their ladygarden kept?

To pretend you're a really busy person when in fact you're heading home to your pyjamas.

When things go pearshaped. They'r sent to try us. And we will beat them.

To not take outfit photos. Or any photos for that matter.

To leave flowers in the vase a week after they should have been thrown away.

To favour those big style panties over french knickers. We all need comfort sometimes.

To cry. At absolutely nothing. But cry a lot. Like a real lot.

The simple things

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