The simple things

Little R's fascination with the sink. Such a simple thing in the house for most of us, yet a pretty amusing place for one in particular. He prefers it when the tap is running too - maybe it's his way of keeping cool. Funny chap.

Weekend mornings in the sunshine. I've become slack at replying to emails in the week, so on a weekend  it is my mission to sort through the inbox. Sitting at the kitchen table listening to the morning birds. It is bliss.

Pancake breakfast with pals. Having a busy diary catching up with the friends that mean the most, is best. Hanging out over breakfast is definitely the best way for a Sunday morning. Especially with syrup pancakes.

My little shadow. With being away this week, it's fair to say Little R has missed me because he will not leave my side at the moment. As soon as he sees me roll over in the morning, he is there by my side. I wouldn't change it.

Freshly picked Sweet Williams. Little B's mama picked me some Sweet Williams from her garden as I admired her collection in the kitchen. They took pride of place on the coffee table because they smell utterly amazing.

Evening dinners. We go through phases of having really tasty dinners every night in the week. Last week was one of them with lots of vegetables thrown in. We like vegetables a lot. And I like having a chef as a boyfriend.

The Scented Candle shop

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