A lazy day

I'm a fidget. Little B's a fidget. So it's always a mission for us to persist at duvet day and quite frankly since we moved into this home in December, we've never gotten round to it (being a grown up is just so, BUSY!). But last weekend we realised that we really did need a weekend doing as little as possible, wearing the duvet, eating all the bad stuff and snuggling down to join the hype of Orange Is The New Black. And yes, we're hooked FYI. Like super hooked.

We didn't even wake up late (I get bored of sleeping too - short attention span over here), so I pulled out the blender and whizzed us up some caramel frappe's with cream. They were the perfect start to our lazy morning.

Little B was on breakfast duty, and once we'd finished the excited Oh-ma-god-we've-maple-syrup-flavoured-sausages dance, he rustled up some tasty scrambled eggs, hash brows and sausages on extremely buttery muffins. It was good.

We'd seen the hype of OITNT on the internet, and after Little B learned there would be naked ladies involved, we joined Netflix and realised after one episode that our life would never be the same. We are ultimately addicted.

There was little time for toilet or tea breaks, but we made a quick dash to grab some crispy M&M's from the cupboard along with some Sensation crisps. They always taste so much better hiding under the duvet cover.

Little R spent most of the afternoon outside, which made a nice change considering he'll spend his hours licking our toes or nibbling on the flowers. When he discovered he was missing out of cosy time, he was quick to join us.

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