A day in the life of a cat

As told by Little R...

It's 4am and I get the sudden urge to go outside. Like right away. I don't think the people understand after my first years as a housecat, I am still excited to go outside. Even if I just potter. Must wake up the people. Sometimes they don't feel my paw tapping the chin, but a nibble on the arm or a lick in the ear always works.

 Seriously they leave me out for a few hours, but I'm ready to come in after an hour. I always decide to give them a cuddle in the morning but they get out of bed five minutes late. I guess they don't like my cuddles. But I'll still follow them around for the morning. Because I'm hungry. Or just interested.

The people feed me dry food when they have something to eat. I'm just getting into wet food, but it's pretty smelly and I only really want the jelly bits.. Don't they realise that yet? I'm not too bothered by their food, only popcorn, lettuce and cheese but when they made milkshakes I quite fancied it. Instead I got this cat milk. It was pretty good. And so I brought my pal along to try it too. He looked good dipped in the bowl.

 I like the bath OK. And the sink. And I really like splashing about in water. But why do they put a lot of water in it when all I want to do is lay here (and on the odd occasion leave a present...)? I'm always intrigued by the water but I learnt my lesson when I fell in once.

They throw me outside when it's sunny, but it's fun when I can climb the bamboo tree. That's until I can't get down..I always fall (it's a good job the people got me cat insurance!) so then I make it my duty to sit on the bird bath and await their return. I'll always bring them some insects back too but I think they want more. Ungrateful!

 Although they leave me sometimes for a while, if they've come back with bags then I'm fairly happy. These are my favourite bags, but sometimes they bring back noisy ones which are full of food. I will spend hours in here hiding away waiting for them. And then I'll pounce.

It's a bit rare, but I may have a little nap in the afternoon. If the people are on the sofa I try to be friendly with them and sit on the computer but I get pushed off when a whirring noise starts. I'll take myself upstairs and see if the airing cupboard is open - if not my blanket will do.

 I like other cats. I want to play with the other cats, but some of them don't want to play. I really don't get why because I let them into my house to eat my food. Sometimes I do this because I just want to smell their bums and it's the only way. People think I'm weird. I just want to be their friends.

 My days are always really busy. I don't sleep much and my little feet are always walking around the house, my voice is always used and I eat quite a lot so I do look forward to lazing out on the people's bed. I'll always be the first into bed, because then I get the most space. Unless it's cold, then I make sure I'm snuggled up right next to them. Sometimes even on them. And then I'll dream about birds, and milk. And tomorrow.

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