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If there's one thing we all have in common and most love doing (some more than others.. no names mentioned!) it's sleeping. Well, it certainly is in our house - Little R is always snoozing when we're out, Little B is the king of lay ins, and I'm pretty good at napping, so getting forty winks isn't normally an issue for any of us three.When Web Blinds got in touch with their sleep guide and challenged us how to improve our restful nights, we didn't quite realise that maybe we weren't actually getting the best nights sleeps we thought. Admitedlly we've never been early sleepers (Little B works late, and although I'm IN bed at 8pm, chances are I'm still awake till midnight) so some mornings were a struggle, but since we've changed a few things to our peaceful evenings, it's fair to say we've become a bit more lively (we think anyway..) Here's our personal tips on sleeping better...

Every so often it's always good to buy new pillows because as much as you plump them up every morning (we definitely don't do that...) they soon lose shape. We opted for some Anti Allergy pillows* as Little B suffers from hayfever and although it doesn't get rid, it's certainly stopped him coughing 10000000 times in the night.

Personally in the last year we've always preferred being woken to the natural light. This isn't to everyone's taste with most opting for blackout blinds but we found this made us groggy in the mornings. But since we bought some new voiles* our bodies have gotten used to waking up when the light shines through leaving us feeling more focused on the day ahead (and yes, we now wake up early on weekends!).

There is no simple pleasure quite as nice than fresh pyjamas warmed up in the airing cupboard waiting for you after your day at work. Our pyjama drawer is slowly overflowing because they're never quite right in bed (I always get caught up in the trouser/duvet issue!), but some fun leggings and a slouchy top are usually the most snug.

I've always been a fan of Lavender and used to spray some scent on my pillow, but if I hadn't managed to get eight hours that night, it was leaving me restless. Lighting a few soft scented candles* (soft linen is my fave!) for a few hours whilst catching up on your day, watching a film or even reading a book is an ideal way to relax and unwind.

We've all done it (and still do it) by taking our technology to bed (because sometimes it's the perfect time to scroll through Instagram or read blogs), but I've found myself a few nights a week switching it off (and on and off 50 more times to double check I set my alarm!) and opting for an easy read instead. A few cosy cushions help to create the perfect snuggle haven and will soon have you dozing, giving you more hours of rest!

And funnily enough, we tend to sleep better when those little muddy paws are sprawled out at the end of the bed. Unless he's wedged himself inbetween us under the sheets. Even if he does take up most of the room!

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