Stripe Top

River Island Tee & Shorts | New Look Boots & Jacket | Primark Bag

I like stripe tops and I like shorts and I also love boots more than the average person, and whenever I wear them together I feel like I'm living the dream. And dressing like a boy - which is funny considering I never want to look like one (I'm sure most of you feel the same too..?!). The thing with these shorts (besides those beautiful pockets of theirs!) that makes me love them that little bit extra, is that my rear side still manages to stay hidden. I mean, seriously, nobody wants to see that - so River Island, I salute you, for making some shorts that are work appropriate. And sensible. Because sometimes sensible is what we need.

The weathers getting warmer (kinda) and those tights are firmly put to the back of the drawer so that these legs can get some colour. I'm still not quite able to put my boots aside - they're not called my trusty boots for nothing, although I do go a little crazy and stick to my slouchier pairs in the Summer. You know, living life so wild these days.. I think it's the stripe tees that do it to me. They've also made me realise how much I enjoy wearing jeans at the moment, like constantly putting them on in the morning. Maybe it's time I invest in another pair because one probably isn't quite cutting it anymore. OR I could just opt for some more sensible shorts. That's a sensible idea.

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