The Treehouse hideaway part ||

We mentioned a few weeks ago about the most incredible place that we stayed in for a weekend away during January, and because it was that amazing we thought it was only right to do another post of what we got up to whilst there. Plus it seemed that majority of you have now passed the link to your partner, so hey, if that didn't tempt them before.. then hopefully this will. And believe me when I say this, it's definitely worth the money!

Upon our arrival we were greeted by a pretty tasty looking hamper, and immediately being sweet toothed fans we opened the chocolates before doing anything else. Little B and I have different tastes so I guess you can say that sometimes this works in our favour, caramel for me, coffee for him. The chocolates were best enjoyed alongside the fire that Little B lit moments after we had arrived. We were in for a foody time.

Before it got too windy and the rain picked up (it wasn't the most pleasant of weathers!) and the pyjamas were on - you don't understand how excited I get when wearing them, we decided to take a dip in the hot tub which was located underneath the Treehouse. We took down bottles of cider and ale, and some music for a relaxing few hours catching up on everything since Christmas. And we LOVE big big dressing downs too!

As we came into Kent, we had stopped at a supermarket to stock up on supplies for the next 24hours. We'd decided on a tapas evening because I'm such a picker (little pickers wear big knickers!) and it's my favourite thing to eat - plus Little B makes some pretty tasty bites! No evening can be complete without Camembert especially in the cold weather. Hot cheese and fresh bread makes me want to live in the treehouse forever.

Waking up and seeing the beautiful view that surrounded the treehouse was one of the many delightful things about this cosy place. As I took in the view out the window, Little B was up and in the kitchen putting the kettle on and preparing to make a breakfast ready for the day ahead. We'd had an early evening after watching Les Miserables (projector and surround sound are a must for this film!) so it was nice to wake up feeling fresh.

Little B cooked some garlic cream cheese scrambled egg in croissants for us, which went down well with the pear juice from the hamper. Once our coffees were drank and the bags were packed we said a sad goodbye to this incredible little place that we wish to build in our back garden, and headed for a day in Cantebury.

Canterbury is utterly beautiful and we have now decided we want to relocate there, and build a treehouse just like this one. Because it was perfect and exactly what the doctor ordered for everybody.

Sensible in black

Fresh afternoon