London Fashion Weekend with Asda

George at Asda Top, Necklace & Satchel* | New Look Jacket | Primark Skirt | New Look Boots

There's quite a few things that I'm not really into doing (you know, like THAT Valentines day!) and last year I'd have happily passed them up, but it seems that this year I've found myself agreeing to those things that I'd once bypass - in the form of LFW. You see, busy streets and people terrify me and space invasion makes me want to slightly cry, so when George at Asda ever so kindly invited me along to LFWeekend, I did have second thoughts (and a little cry in the corner), but sporting some of their clothes, genorous tickets galore and my blonde friend in tow, we headed for fashion overload. And I was wearing necklace, the girl who doesn't wear jewellery except a watch - now if that's not fashion, then I don't know what is..!

It was a pretty beautiful day which definitely helped Somerset House look even more beautiful in real life (I'm a Somerset house virgin!) so hanging outside was not a problem and chunky heels were particularly ideal on those cobbled floors. We viewed the Trend Catwalk which was a great opportunity to see a variety of styles, and definitely take them home to attempt (and terribly fail!) and drooled at the beautiful floral prints and metallic skirts. The rest of the morning was spent browsing the rails of wonderful clothes whilst contemplating selling our houses for a wardrobe full of them - I'm not too sure what Little B would have said to that!

With a few hours to kill before our train home (and a Domino's awaiting us with the boys!) we popped to Oxford Street for a delicious warm lunch and a cheeky afternoon shop, because that's totally the right thing to do in London.. And of course, I came home with a new pair of boots. Because y'know, I don't own enough..By this time my feet were starting to hurt, and although I'm a heel wearer at work I'm not normally one for catching tubes (think, drinking tea and the occasional walk to the printer!) so I was extremely grateful for the George flats that I'd popped in my Mary Poppins type satchel. They were perfect companions for the train journey home and made my tasty snacks that more enjoyable with cosy feet. So thanks George, not only have you shown me that your footwear is pretty stylish AND comfortable but you've also proved to me, that maybe London is quite so bad during those busiest times of the year. And actually, it was extremely fun!

Orla Kiely School

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