The simple things

 This week has flown by. Since having the keys we've attempted to blitz the house that was once just a man filled place and after long evenings of intense cleaning, painting, wallpapering and tearing up carpets, it's finally coming together. The next mission is to somehow get all our belongings there whilst working 6 days and finishing off the painting. Oh and let's not even mention the words Christmas shopping. But it's OK because on Sunday night we WILL be in there.. Along with Little R too. He's going to love it!

 Although we're being sensible and now buying door handles and flooring we did embark on a little cheeky treat the other morning in the shape of childhood favourite cereal Lucky Charms. When walking down the Tesco aisle I just couldn't resist buying a few tubs, because there is never a better time to eat marshmallows in your cereal than in the morning (and every other meal possible in my eyes...!).

With it being my birthday yesterday, Thursday was spent baking cakes for the office and considering they aren't exactly festive, I think they went down quite nicely at work! And on Friday afternoon this beautiful little bag of flowers was delivered from the one and only Mr Little B - he's turning into a good egg alright.

Little R the tinker as my Papa calls him. Since being at my parent's, it's fair to say he's turned into a little attention seeker and likes to get in places he shouldn't. This week, his new found favourite makeshift bed is perched on top of the kitchen cupboards. That way he can look down on my parent's kitty and pounce upon his friend... Whilst opening all the cupboard doors along his way!

Yesterday one of my favourite ladies came to visit and help me celebrate my birthday along with two of my other beautiful ladies also. Last night was spent surrounded by cider, wine and some squished intense dancing. Sometimes it makes me sad having a birthday in the month of Christmas, with it always being overshadowed, so it's always nice when you're friends are there to make it the best it can be. And that's why I love them all for that.

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