Alps cuisine

Little Me wears: A dress from Bijou*, Peacocks boots* and a Primark belt.

Thinking back to when these photos were taken (yes, sadly I've had to become one of those, save them for a rainy day people), I should have taken in the last of the Summer and embraced it. Although the tights are still not on, nor shall they be for a few more weeks, it makes me a little sad to part with those real Summer dresses. I'm not normally a separate season wardrobe kinda girl, I mean pass me a jumper and tights and it'll work with pretty much everything, but I'm one to admit that getting back into a long sleeve dress makes me go slightly weak at the knees. There's just something about them (oh and pockets of course!).

Personally for me, this dress reminds me incredibly of Autumn, so it came in the post at just the right time, and if I'm being perfectly honest (when am I ever not?!), I feel ready to hit up the Alp mountains.. All that's missing are my pack of goats, some hair braids, and milk! Sadly the sleeves are a little too slouchy for my stumpy figure, but turning them up a notch did the job (or it WILL do the job, once I do it properly!), and now that I've the pretty Autumnal dress, I'm just awaiting the leaves to fall so I can have a darn good rustle in them.

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