Pooh Sticks.

Little Me wears: A River Island dress, Topshop jeans, Primark pumps and a Matalan bag.

Little B wears: A top from Ark*, Primark shorts and pumps, and Bolle Sunglasses*.

There's something about this village that takes me back to my teen years, where many afternoons were spent relaxing in the grass with friends with and conversation of Myspace and hot boys as top priority. So when I took Little B here for a walk, it slightly made me feel like I'd come back full circle, this time with a hot boy and pretty much still being a bit Myspace like. I had hopes of playing pooh sticks on the old bridge into the river, but as time had gone by, the weeds had grew as high as us and weaved around the bridge.

Instead, we took in the beautiful surroundings of this village and spent a few moments away from reality. Which is always a nice thing to do every once in a while. With the sun shining, it seemed the perfect opportunity to wear my new dress that was purchased that very day, and Little B's new favourite sunglasses from the Sunglasses Shop.We love dreaming about what kind of house we'd live in as we get older. Of course, we love where we are now, but it's not home forever. A typical cottage with character in a sweet peaceful village is our idea of heaven. With enough room for the kitty to roam about.

Ice cream sundae

Life lately.