Life lately.

Today Little B went back to see his family, so Little R and I enjoyed a long morning in our favourite place. He loves snuggling up right next to us under the duvet too, although his whiskers always tickle my nose! 

At the start of the week, we enjoyed breakfast in Little B's parent's garden. It was just lovely to see the sun finally, and take a moment away from all the hustle and bustle. Today I felt like an ice cream sundae.

This week Little S has been getting a lot of attention from Little R (don't worry they're always separated!) Here is Little S looking scrummy! This week has been tough for Little B, so it was nice to take a relaxed walk.

This week I took Little R to the vets, and ended up doing jobs after. He came everywhere on a lead with me, and behaved so well. I think he thinks he's a dog... Our evenings have mainly looked like this too.

Last weekend we visited the grandparents, and I love my Little Grandad's garden (he's actually called that too!) I'm jealous. It's also been a bit of a tiring week for myself too, so taking some time out was much needed.

Pooh Sticks.

Stick and stack.