Noah's Ark.

Little Me wears: A lace crop top and polka dot skirt from Ark* and Primark pumps.

Little B wears: A print polo from Ark*, Topman jeans and Matalan shoes*.

It could have possibly been another one of those 'couple dressing similar' days, but it's not. For starters Little B isn't wearing a skirt, and I'm not wearing jeans. So, yeah, we're really not nearly dressing similar.

As most normal people do in the world (or is this so abnormal, it's normal?) when a package arrives through your front door that morning, you feel that you have to wear whatever is inside. Well, that's what we did. Although now we're itching for our holiday where we can parade around in our short shorts. That's just me, Little B's shorts aren't too short. He's more of an knee swinger short kinda guy. Ooh groovy.

We'll let you into another secret (or not so secret), that this is Little B's first ever printed polo shirt. After debating it for what seemed like a decade, he realised that, actually sometimes, women do make good choices! And hey, maybe I am getting closer to owning that floral sofa that I would so very much like...

Aside from flower printed sofa shopping, I'm on the hunt for some new shoes, and we've been getting sidetrapped by boots. Airstep shoes have a nice variety that we've got our eyes on. We're both suckers for a good pair of boots. Maybe it's time to start leaving post it notes around the house of pretty shoes. And sofas!

The Little Winters x

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