Just tell me that you'll dance to the end.

Little Me wears: A playsuit by Daisy Street*, a H&M top, Primark bag and sunglasses and Matalan wedged trainers*

Little B wears: A Topman shirt and jeans, and Nike trainers.

Woah, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears called, they want their double denim couple look back, cause we totally stole it from them today! Although us Little's aren't half as sexy and cool as them (we do try!)

Besides rocking the matching denim look today, I'm definitely going against what I just cannot understand on other blogs, prancing about semi naked in minus temperatures. You see, this super sweet pinafore got me in the Summer mood and made me dig out my sunglasses too (in my defence, it WAS sunny at the time.. and snowing). I tried to get Little B in on the Summer dressing, but he thought otherwise.. I guess you could say he was sensible.

I have a phobia of denim, and Little B makes up for it with his love of denim, but I agreed on this pinafore, because it was a fake. And that's how I like it. With my forever look of trying to be on the cool side, I did the 90's look and attempted one strap down.. Let's just say it looked like I hadn't got fully dressed! It also doesn't help that it's a little on the big side, so a trip to Mama Mcfred's will sort that out.. And then the Summer can officially commence.

But for now, we shall be keeping warm in our pyjamas and big cosy knits. With a huge mug of hot chocolate.

The Little Winters x

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